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We find that the stories our clients tell paint the most persuasive picture of the need for Long-Term Care coverage. Here are some of their unsolicited testimonials:

Two sisters who want to maintain their family ties no matter what happens

A husband who was able to keep his wife in their home through the illness that led to her death.

A former teacher who learned the importance of home health coverage from her husband's long-term illness.

A man who preserved his quality of life through investment in Long-Term Care.

A daughter who respected and valued her mother's independence.

After their husbands passed away, these two sisters wanted to maintain their independence and close ties to each other as long as possible.

"What is really important is our freedom to be us, to be together, to be useful, to be active and to care for each other as long as God and our health allow . . . Our Home Health Care Insurance affords us the protection of freedom of choice, independence and peace of mind and we will be able to remain together as family, a way of living that we value the most."

A Tucson couple invested in Home Health Care and Long-Term Care Insurance before the wife's health began to deteriorate.

"For several years, I was able to care for her by myself in our home. However, when her physical needs exceeded my ability and knowledge to help her, I began using the expert services provided by her Home Health Care policy. For the next eight or nine months she received consistent, professional care in our home for five days each week . . . The Home Health Care Insurance allowed my wife and I to spend quality time together in our home . . . I want to be able to choose what kind of help I receive, when I receive it and where I receive it. I strongly recommend this kind of insurance for those to whom freedom of choice and quality time with each other and/or family is important."

A former Arizona teacher passed away at the age of 102 in December of 1998. Prior to her death, she had cared for her husband as Alzheimer's chipped away at his mental and physical health. That experience helped her see the benefits of investing in Home Health Care for her own protection. This was written three years prior to her death.

" . . . I knew how costly it had been to provide the care for my husband in our home and I knew I didn't want that expense for myself, so Home Health Care Insurance was the obvious answer.

"In December of 1993, I suffered a stroke. I was in the hospital for three weeks and in therapy for four months. I now receive five hours of care a day, seven days a week. In June of this year I will be 99 years young, and I am still active in the things I enjoy. I do not spend my days sitting around wishing for yesterday. I look forward to the activities of each day and the time I spend with my excellent and friendly caregiver who graciously helps me do the things I can no longer see clearly to do.

"Whatever tomorrow brings, I can handle it; but only because I have the freedom to do so. I am not confined to an institution, or bound by their schedule. My Home Health Care Insurance protects my freedom of independence and allows me to live my life as completely as I can."

A Tucson organist and music teacher knew the toll his broken back would have taken on his savings and assets had he not invested in Long-Term Care:

"In 1990 I broke my back . . . If it had not been for my Home Health Insurance, I would have lost my home. The expenses were unbelievable. For seventeen months, seven days a week, I received professional care in my home. For an additional three months, I was totally confined to my bed, flat on my back . . . As the bills came in, my insurance company paid them . . . If I had had to pay all of my expenses, including the care I received at home, I would have lost all of my savings and eventually my home. But that would not have been my greatest loss. My greatest loss would have been my freedom and the ability to pursue my greatest love--music."

This Tucson resident passed away two years later, but was able to continue playing his organ and piano and visit with friends and fellow musicians whenever he wished. He felt these activities kept him alert, alive and eager to greet each day.

A California resident's mother lived beyond 100 years of age. Ten years before that, she had invested in Long-Term Care insurance and, as a result, was able to afford assisted care, which allowed her to do as much as she could while receiving medical and personal support in areas which she no longer had the ability to maintain. Her daughter wrote this letter prior to her mother's death, just after her 100th birthday.

"She lives in a beautiful facility in California where she is encouraged to do everything she can for herself. She won't go out until her makeup is on, her hair is done the way she wants it and she is dressed as neat as possible. She is visited on a regular basis by her doctor and her routine medical needs are attended by registered nurses and LPNs. She is receiving physical care that I could not possibly provide for her.

"Independent, strong-willed, socially active, family-oriented, dignified, free–these characteristics best describe my other. She protected her freedom to be all of these by investing in Long-Term Care/Home Health Care insurance."


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