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Don't leave your estate planning to your heirsLiving Trusts

Avoid Probate! Distribute your assets with the legal document called a Revocable Living Trust. The NCA Financial Service package includes the Living Trust Document, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney (which includes Living Will/ Organ donation), and the Last Will and Testament (also known as a Pour-Over Will). Our Trust document will also provide a Family Information and Successor Trustee section to provide step-by-step instructions for your children or whomever you decide to settle your estate. The local estate planning attorney and paralegal ensure that all of your assets are transferred properly.  They also ensure the Living Trust is legally binding and adequate to avoid probate along with estate taxes if applicable.  NCA and the local estate planning attorney have completed over 1000 Trusts for clients in the Tucson area.

For a quick comparison of will inheritance vs. trust inheritance, click here. For more information on Living Trusts, read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact our office for more information.



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